taken from my book, "If It Doesn't Compromise The Chicken"

Fuck What They Say


I have chopped up my heart

No one can replace your voice

So how can I love any one more

To replace you?


I have let go 'my heart

You're not holding it for me

I don't even have yours

You will stay friends

With my friends

Who don't want me around anymore

Not as much as before

Before I became ugly-like sad

And too pathetic to be like any of them


Goodbye, Elissa

You have taken my place

In the circle

They obviously don't respect my negativity

I was only looking so far into things

Thinking that made me intelligent

But they think it's sad

They do nothing but rub

My patheticness in my own face

Well, if they wanna call me "sad"

Then I'd rather make myself


I will enjoy staying away

I can entertain myself

I DO love myself

They just can't see how I can

Just 'cause they don't wanna be

Who, or what, I am

But I can

And I do


Hellow, solitude

Solitude will take me away from you

But I think solitude is cool

A lot more productive

Than letting a bunch of homies

Say they don't even wanna hear me

Say anything about myself

That they don't wanna hear

Just 'cause if they said it about themselves

They couldn't live with it

Well fuck that

I can

I can live with myself

And I will

Fuck chasing after

A cheap thrill

That never happens

I always end up broke

And still the theme of the joke

I got a life according to me

And since it's MY life

Then it don't have to meat up

__to their standards

They wanna call me a "loser"

Just 'cause I do

But that's only because I have heard

Them say it first

I'm only as down on myself

As I have been talked down upon

Maybe it's not by then in particular

But it didn't start by me

And if they know that who ever

__has said it to me

____was wrong

Why were they not correcting them?

I could go on and on

But I must turn the page

They already told me they don't give a fuck


12-08-'12 #2

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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