Grounded By Insanity

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taken from my book, "Position The Thought"

Submitted: September 29, 2014

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Submitted: September 29, 2014



Grounded By Insanity


Where is the chicken farm?

And where do they get their hens from?

One can only think

But I can't think right now

So maybe I'll just drop an egg

__from between my legs


And hope to God nobody knows

As I squander here and about

I know just what is asked of me

But never where I am going

__with my answer

I have yet to step up to the call

Maybe I'm just frightened of it all

If I stand here waiting

__for the fog to lift

The government may have just planted

__a chip in my head

____to detect my reaction to the weather

As it changes

__and I change

____they know it

And as the rest of the world

__spits in my face

I point a gun to their heads

And ask them to lick it off

The time it takes

For me to understand

__the terms of endearment

May just be

__a long time

But so what?

I will slip out of bounds

And I will fall to the ground

But when I do

__don't pick me up

That is God's job

So fuck off

I could eat a lot of flies

__it's true

But look at the truth here

It's not neither I nor you

That is to blame for the ways

__that the chuckling laughter

____giggles out of the mouths

______of thee unknown

Just wait 'til the pies are cooked

Before you taste my death

During the first hour of lifelessness

I will become the disgust

__that you only thought

____that I already was

But think nothing of it

__my punk bitches

I won't even hear your joyous reaction

__to me not being alive anymore

Continue to fuck your whores

And ignore your own identity

As the pieces of shits you all are


09-28-'14 #4

D. L. Cannon

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