How Did This Happen To Us?

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taken from my book, "If Zero Isn't A Number, Then 'Who Am I?'"

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



How Did This Happen To Us?


You say you don't care

I know you don't mind

A shattered old love

Past 2 said goodbyes

And opt to the past

That ended in thee air

Because you don't mind

Because we're not well

This may as well be

My last words to tell

About how we are

An empty loss unwell

The morning I drop

On my bad knees

I'm dragged to the ground

How can I ever believe

In what you say I mean?

But oh well

Just oh well

If I can't be kept

I'm going to Hell

Brushed off like a laugh

That doesn't tickle anymore

So show over

Dropping now

To the bottom of the well

Wish you really were the one

But I can't undo what I've done

So messed up meanings

Can never be what was meant to be

Just drag me to the ground

And step on my heart

The way you do to my head

I won't wait for true love

I'm moving on from the whole dating scene

And going on with my life

I know I can't be a part of

The percentage of men

Who can be loved

So I'm shutting up

And staying who I've become

Just a reckless monstrosity

Accident prone with loose ends

So you aught to not be around

When my death comes crashing down


12-24-'11 #2

D. L. Cannon

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