Hurt And Jealousy

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taken from my book, "If At All Possible"

Submitted: June 11, 2014

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Submitted: June 11, 2014



Hurt And Jealousy


All the reasons I should have stayed

Clogs the memory banks of my brain

Maybe you wouldn't have fell in love with that guy

But you were already on your way


So we were already ruined

I cannot keep the heart of a cheater

Because I do not want to

And all thee aches of pains of hurt

And jealousy

Are such a headache to me

Forget me

I really hope you do

I don't really want you to call

At all

I'll have to find a better


Than we were

So that these Duncan Haters

Can stop ending my relationships

'Cause maybe they were just saving me from you

And all my other exes

So this is thee end

We're finished

Don't forget that you're not worth it

Right now

Maybe when you're stable

Or not

You probably are never ever

__gonna be as sane as me

You're just too immature

I hate you

For all the love you faked for me

For creating something to cherish

And then taking it away in a flash

Now our past together is trash

But I'm not gonna erase it


I'm not gonna erase any our past together

I will leave it up there

For you to see what you threw away

Even though

I know


Just won't

You don't truly have the capacity

To love


And that's what I was afraid of

This whole time

You're just too crazy

To know what love is

But I'm not gonna run from the fear

Of leaving you anymore

Bye bye

My so called



06-11-'14 #8

D. L. Cannon

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