I Admit I Deserve Worse

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taken from my book, "If Zero Isn't A Number, Then 'Who Am I?'"

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



I Admit I Deserve Worse


If the weather bones

Can mark flower pots

And bitches can all

Blow up to the sky

I can stay numb eating popcorn chicken

Resting eyes can feast on me

Unknowingly wondering why

That the damages to the mind

__are far more greater than you or I

But nuts and screws

__can all get lost

____and I hope they do in time

For letting me remember you

__would be like letting me say goodbye

So saw off your arm

And throw a punch from throwing it at me

Let me feel the sting

It's often remembered to be the king

But if your rejection's too unstable

__and the hairs on your head

____all fall off, the day you die

I will laugh to tears the day you do

And never wonder why

The noodles of my noggin

Are frightfully suggested

Like digested pizza

__be laughed at by the strips of bacon

I heard the sound of vacancy

It sounded so quiet

Like an alien

Bound with goodbye

And as all the stories grew

We left them all

And shattered life scattered rain that fell

Hidden are the flavors

Left upon a weary goodbye

You slammed it's meaning in my face

But I don't wonder why

A man like me

Has fell

__slipping thru the cracks

Losing all control of chance

And the burdens

I carry

Like some awfully cheek berry

I heard the word

__then split in two

I knew it

So did you

But you laughed at me

I'll send my gravy to you

__in the mail

Wishing that a leaf woulda known

A better way to have fell

Busting thru the door

And panicking

Without the dryness that the window

In your eyes could achieve

Well, there'll be no more


____about me

These days

And I pick up my hat from the balcony

Drips of pancake syrup

__won't bother me

But I know I'll feed the news

When the watch breaks

I'll know just what to do

As I sit back

And let papers fall from the sky

And I'll let go of the cast of roles

Played by members

Of a group that ate the pie

But when honesty creeps up

__no one will understand

Has their understanding

Walked out

On the fire

In their minds?

Welcome to hideousness

You can believe what you are


____to believe

When you sit there

__and letting go at ease

For a false freedom

Hinders as the trolley

Looks at us both

__with heads nodding

Who's watching?

Could there be a possibility

That eyes don't show a thing

As soon as in their field of vision

Maybe I'll just hang up my life

__when it's time for me to

____take a nap

The making of lies

Is a poison of well cast choice

To bridge

The gap

Of good

Maybe my heart could of grew cold

But who's at fault

For sharing the tasty food for the soul?

I think you found your position

__to take as you steam off

____like a plant

______being planted

________in the plantation

Safely, let the wrapper

Just crumble and be

__just tossed out onto the street

You'll never forgive me

But who the Hell would?

Being killed by my actions

You shriveled up in side

The loss of your perception

Of our past together

May not be a part of your memory

Worth keeping


10-14-'11 #2

D. L. Cannon

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