I Don't Believe There's A Chance

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taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



I Don't Believe There's A Chance


I could have told you

But I did not

I would have shown you

But I will not

I will not right now

This time is just not

For you and me to last

I put my coat on

Because it's cold now

Only a tomorrow

That I work on

I'm gonna make my now

When I'm comfortable

And how ever else to be around

You're upstairs, sleeping

This is my right

To write how I feel now

The morning's frightful

This evening's so the same

As ev'rything that I know now

I don't believe there's a chance

So how can I take a chance?

How can I take a chance?

And let there evolve an "us"

Out of my own causing?

The tears will come in just a year and 6 months

And then for the fallowing 6 months

__after that

I'll be rushing 'til my work is so done

That I'll be writing more

__past retirement of my old shit

Just to be fine with there

Being no more you

Yeah, no more Rachael

And no more chances

All thee hours spent

Rapping my farewells to a piece

Of paper, maybe 2

Or 3, or even more

Each time that I will inevitably

Be having to explain

That I will stay behind

The night

That I am left



I'm gonna force myself to see

That thee only option for me

Is to be tied to all my books

That say I wanted you

But, yeah

But, that you don't want me

'Cause, look

You're leaving me for a friend

'Cause I'm not Jader

And I can't replace him

won't be silent

And it will have meaning

You bein' gone for life

Will tear a hole into my mind

But I'll be happy not to

Give a damned fuck

I already know I'm for the world

To read me, rather than you

And have to blow my cover

'Cause this is a secret feeling

Only James knows

But who's he gonna tell?

I hear the bells of my freedom


As if I can stop words

And more words

From being my calling

This will be the mistake I have

To put up with

Just to turn it around

And get it swallowed by

My career

Taste my hunger for you

Yeah, I know you won't

You'll shiver without love

But you say you don't give a fuck

Or so I remember it like that

And me, I'm not mad

I just wanna drop the ball

Of this "love game"

Walk away just knowing

You won't be coming back

So stay asleep and free

From witnessing me

You do not want to be a part

Of whatever this is

Just my lack of faith in us

Because there is no hope

This is a one way love

From me to you

Not a round trip

To bring you with me

Back to finding myself with you

Ever in love with me

'Cause you can't be

So it gets harder

Yet, funner


And that's thee optimistic view

The pessimistic view is just

That's it's a shame

That I can't make you mine

Just because I won't

You won't be here

In my room

I won't be there

In your heart

Love's too hard

It aughtta be art

That becomes

Out of a loss, such as you

That is all


Be a doll

And never let me know

That you've read this

If and ever

You stumble upon here

My dear

Just do what

You gotta do

With the knowledge of my love

That you find here

But don't let me know

I'll find out by your actions

How distant you'll become

How you'll just up and run



03-18-'12 #2

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2017 DLCannon. All rights reserved.