I Get Carried Away With You

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



I Get Carried Away


Runnin' 'round for days on end

I fall not to let go of the rope

That I climb to reach the sky

To drop again and be plucked

__of my feathers

Whatever on Earth I'm doing right

Will catch up with me at thee end of life

And I

Will not fall down

Won't say goodbye

I don't know why

You're in my life

But I love that you are

You make everything right

Whatever I say or do

I'm always gonna be loving you

And if I fall down and cry

I know I'm gonna die

But if I fall down crying

I'm just gonna be bothered

By ev'ry little thought

And tortured by my heart

Faliing fast and hard in love

If I become undone

From being so in love

I could slap me then

For feeling what I feel

'Cause it might not be real

But ain't no way to know

Until the time is up

How I don't want to be judged

But particularly can't give up

I will find out what I do in my head

Kicking myself into dream land

Until we're set free for each other

On one glorious day

Where my heart can be given

To the most perfect, beautiful

Lady I could possibly imagine

It brings me a wonder

That can't be explained

How from paradise of fantasy

__you came from before we met

And how now you're real

I just don't want to believe

That I am wrong this time

The moment my dreams come true

Is all I desire

You spark an unforgettable fire

That can never die out

I fall into being your fool

Use me for whatever

I will always want you more

Even the perfect yesterday

Doesn't add up to how much

__I will love you in every tomorrow

I dedicate the core of my life

To your welcoming

Thee only way anything can begin

Is in time

Far beyond a rhyme

Or a picture

For the better part of life

That I want

__and strive for

Just  twinkle in the darkness

A star in the night sky

Rain from the great beyond

I am forever your slave

It's forever this way

And if I am wrong

Going on will be ruff

I still belong to you

Emptying myself to you

But still managing to refuel

Each and every day

My happiness comes from this

And I don't want to lose it

I don't want to fall out

If loving you is not meant for you

I couldn't be right for it

I don't know if this is right

__so far

____at all

But where ever this is heading

Only circles around my imagination

Energy tugging at my bones

I couldn't go back to being alone

If this world could shrink

And bring us into reaching distance

For each other

To connect in reality

Beyond technologies connection

Would it ever be

A possibility?

Am I just a dreamer

Dreaming of thee?

It's only natural

If that is the case

This hunger is a fiending feeling

And there is no rehab for this

__full fledged longing I am controlled by



With every "goodmorning"

With every "goodnight"

Every "hey" even

And that one especially too

Never wanting to disconnect


Nor not complete

I'm on a mission

To return the favor

That you do for me

To repay you for your time

And care

Truly you are my favorite

I wanna make you feel

As good as you make me feel

For real


10-05-'11 #5

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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