I Knew This Was Thee Idea Of Universal Health Care

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taken from my book, "Running Thru Fields Of Escape"

Submitted: February 08, 2011

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Submitted: February 08, 2011



I Knew This Was Thee Idea Of Universal Health Care


World of a basking Sarrow

Disableds paying straight from our checks

Premeums now

Oh shit

America can only get worse

$50 monthly food budgit cuts

No more Ambien

And no more Detal Dental for me

Oh well

I guess we are communised

That cracka' jacker

__was only out for his racial revenge

____this whole time

And I just happened to be white

While taking my pills


Not a thrill

Only all the cares in this world

I carry now


Not a note to pass in a hall

Because I grew old

And cannot study anymore

But I don't give a fuck.

I spent $12.50 on junkfood last week

I don't give a fuck.

Life Long as dental for my teeth

I don't give a fuck.

Zaleplon is covered by Medi-Care

Whatever the Hell THAT is

And I don't give a fuck

Getting a new quack

Won't have to waste

__$80 every 3 months

Unless I get a DICK

Like that Dr. Johnson was

Not prescribing it

When I need it


Sleep is my sanity

It's hard enough

When your antie psychotics

Don't put you to sleep

It's hard enough that I've grown


To regular sleep hygiene

But I'm a rat in the den

I'm so full of the cheese

Got my nose stuck in every trap

But not dead yet

So top that!

I know the universe is our surrounding

It's not supposed to be our health care

Now that there's nobody left

To pay for my well being anymore

But I'm still not out the door

I still have a home where I wanna roam

Got into a good place

Just knowing my mama's place

Will be taken away

And that May's heart

Cannot be rekindled

And now that I think about it

Fuck living alone

My roommates are my only therapy

Knowing my current position

Is being stopped all because of

You know what

And I still say fuck work

Nobody can rely on a job

That is undependable

Seeing as how America has tooken

__away their guarenty

That you won't stop working

And if you'd like to punish me

You've already done that in advance

With your plans on taking

Too much of my money

You see me suffering

__and you still want me dead

You're puting me thru a struggle

Like is was my fault to begin with

That I can't take it

You killed thee only woman in my life

You killed my only homie

Then you killed my father

Just because you payed me first

Now you wanna kill me next

Just 'cause you  can work

__whilest fucked in the head



D. L. Cannon

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