I Only Wonder

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taken from my book, "Madness Is In Thee Air"

Submitted: February 27, 2009

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Submitted: February 27, 2009



I Only Wonder


My present tense has got problems

I'm out here going up and down

I can't escape this rollercoaster

__I'm livin'

I never will until I'm dead

I would rather typing on a P.C.

Instead, I'm writing here, instead

And my dear brain

Is shiftin' from person to person

I'm havin' to put up with

All my other selves problems

How could this be though

That my world is just somebody elses?

That if I never come down I will

Always see it in my own way?

Well, I'm submerged without energy

Now that all the songs I hear

Are getting so damn boring

I never wanted to not see plain

I just wanted reality

But the wolrd is gone

__or it is just not mine

How can I say that I'm doin' "O.K."

When I can never feel that way today?

Faces are filtered out

And voices distorted everywhere they're heard

"It's not" like I could give a damn

That I will suffer a foged clouded view

For the rest of my livin' days

But if things just don't "look up"

Things "will never be the same"

I'm counting on a merical

To get all that I heard before

I said I'd never drink that

But I'm hung over now

I don't wanna feel

I just wanna fill up books with rhyme

If I have lost my God

Then I am all alone

This is a new fiscle year of recovery

To rebuild my suplies of life

Don't tell me I can't afford to live

I'm not dying home bound

I'm going to get out

"If I was a" cat

"I think I'd know how to" m'yow

I would wag my kitty tail

In thee air above my ass

And you would think I was dancing

But I would just be being myself

"If I" could get laid

I guess I'd be gettin' some ev'ryday

Wake up with a slut

Next to me ev'ryday

There would never be a problem

And my life would not be disastrous

But look at me now

Alone to the bone

Without a single pussy hole

I am over here just growin' old

And I can't remember anything I'm told

"If I" had a life

Would there be a thing to lose?

Would there be demons in my head still?

And would I know just "what to do"?

If I could crack

A smile and luagh

Would my life change

And send me off to a dream?

I only wonder

And when I wander in a circle

I see my tracks are getting heavier

But I don't know what it's all for

The knocks on my door

Drag me to a floor

And I don't wanna answer no more


02-21-'09 #1

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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