I Wanna Enjoy Happiness

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: February 21, 2016

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Submitted: February 21, 2016



I Wanna Enjoy Happiness


The trouble with me is that I'm not complete

Thee other half of me

__is somewhere out there

____not giving a fuck about me anymore

______because she's heard so much shit about me

________that she is over my sorry ass!

So let's move on

Let's complete me alone

__so I wouldn't need her anymore

If I am to face my day

__without her anymore

____I want to feel like it can be done

______and not undone

I want to be excited

__about a life with no one in it

Because that's all I am entitled to

I'm ready to never say

__an "I love you" ever again

Because what rocks my boat

__is a shrieking sound of amusement

____bent to the T

If I rule this platform of loss

__to be shaken

____I will fall off my ass

______with no sorrow

________askin' for a doubt to shrivel

I'm not here for the taking of the bride

For she has her own life

So I should have mine

Let me live without a care

__for anybody in the world

And let "FUCK THE WORLD!!!!!"

__ring loud and clear

As I face my fears of being alone

And stay alone for the rest of my life

I have all that I need


____in my own life

And can do without another's life

I have to die alone

__because I came into this world alone

So I may as well live it alone

That's it

No love

No sex

No battling to agree

No having accept disagreements

No dealing with in-laws

No depriving any one of motherhood

No looking and feeling awkward

__around each other in public

No more fearing rejection

No more angry breakups

No more disappointing her

No more being disappointed

No more receiving gifts not asked for

__that I can never wear

No more having to refuse to dance

__and seeing her dance with my replacement

____in return

No more late night worrying

__about a relationship possibly

____going nowhere

Because it probably is

And no more having to impress

__any one ever again

Life will be easy this way

And if I'm wrong

It would never be worth it

__to be right

So fuck it

I don't have anything to gain

__by not doing this

And ev'rything to lose if I don't

'Cause love could only kill me

And I refuse to let that happen

I wanna enjoy happiness

Even if I've only got a little life left



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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