I'll Never Be Ready For You

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Submitted: September 12, 2011

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Submitted: September 12, 2011



?I'll Never Be Ready For You


?Kind of abut time

?But you're getting ready

?Gotta gotta go to school

?In the next morning

I know now

What you mean

Breaking up with your man

'Cause it wouldn't be fair

?You'll be back with him

I know you will

?And soon darkness will scatter

?Raining like meet

?Onto a stainless nonstick

Frying pan

?That's where I'll be in a half hour

When the lights go out in my mind

?I will be alone in my only time to think

What can I mean to you then?

?When Mr. Big Man is back

?I guess we'll never know eachother again

?Or could we just stay friends

__on thee under?

?Why are you making me

?Known to him instead

?If that's where we're leading to?

?I'm not tryin' to die

?I won't die for you

?I would if I could

?But my work is more important

?I can't leave my career unfinished

?And risk my life for you

?That is something

I just won't do

I guess this is it

?I'll never be able to be yours

?Or anyone's until I'm done

?Publishing every book

?That I have written

?And that I'll write along the way

?Of getting all that done

?But even after that

?I still don't want to stop

?A writer is what I am

?Don't wanna die yet

?If it's either him or me

?He'll choose himself for you

?Big Mr Mans always do

Just forget about me

I'll have to find love

?From some one I won't have to

Fight for

?'Cause no love is worth

Throwing unpublished art away for


?09-11-'11 #2

?D. L. Cannon

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