In A State Of Stupidity

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taken from my book, "Fighting For Dominance"

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



In A State Of Stupidity


All alone is my strife

You're feeling the same pain

But we can't feel it in unity

Often enough

You'll be the "ow" in "Meow"

'Cause you hurt me so much

Too much

We could move out together

But you are so clueless

And not attracted to me

That you'll never want to

I know the type of person you are

You don't give a shit for me

You're just like Becky

A Duncan hater even

Who has no time for me

No room for me in your heart

'Cause of that

You make me want to crack

You're giving me panic attacks

And I can't understand a thing

Other than the reality of it all

"I ain't shit to you"

And that's how it's gonna be

I just wish I could find

Some one else to take you

__off my mind

Just like I am

Taken off the mind of you

Or actually

Just never on your mind, at all

You are nothing but a reality check

__for my sorry little ass

Who lost the race

__to be a shoulder to cry on

Who is excluded from your life

__unlike everybody else

All I wanted was a little company

Instead I am jealous you called

__him "honey"

Well, that's just you

If we were together

We wouldn't be exclusive

Nobody can be for me, huh?

What the fuck!?

I'm supposed to accept that

__life's not fair?!

So everybody else can get married

Or at least have some one

But I have to live with the


____that I cannot earn that

Just like everybody else can?!

Fuck you all!

I hope you do get married

And then get divorced

__and live on the streets

I wouldn't leave you

But you just won't come to me

But I'm not supposed to wait

__for you to come to me

But when I come to you

You just send me away

I wish I really did lose your number

'Cause you sent me away again


08-04-'12 #1

D. L. Cannon

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