In A World That Doesn't Include Me

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taken from my book,"Madness Is In Thee Air"

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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Submitted: March 14, 2009



In A World That Doesn't Include Me


I don't believe in any one I know

Ev'ryone seems so fake

It's like they don't even care I'm here

I know they see me

In the corner of their eye though

I'm self centered

But the world don't revolve around me

So I say "fuck the world

And ev'ryone"

Work days

Are my only escape

It's thee only place

Where people notice me

But ev'ry weekend

When I go back out into the world

I can't even get a "hello"

And my homies don't call me anymore

What the Hell is my 'phone for?

I think I'll shut it off

And pay 50 cents to call my jobs

But what's the use?

I gotta call my pills

If I found a world

That gave a shit for me

"I would be so happy"

Instead, I got so much space

To fill around me

But art doesn't seem to do it all

I'm alone "to the bone" out here

As if you can tell

If there was a hole out here

I'd treet her like a real person

If I knew how to treet a person

The way a person is to be treeted

Maybe that's why I'm single

I don't know how

So I'll sit here and wonder

What it's like to be anybody but me

I can't even emagine

It's like I'm not a person

Well, fuck it

Maybe I should convince myself

That I don't need to be one

Maybe I'm an alien

I always felt like I didn't come from here

Oh, where is my world?

Where do I belong?

Nothing but emptiness

Eats at my soul

Just like the way my stomach gets drained

I am hallow in my brain

And my heart is getting left out

On the life I see

Ev'ryone else living but me


03-13-'09 #1

D. L. Cannon

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