It Seems Like I'll Forget For Forever

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taken from my book, "How Can I Remember?"

Submitted: April 01, 2011

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Submitted: April 01, 2011



It Seems I'll Forget For Forever


These pills did not bring my memory back

You stupid quack!

Now I'm addicted to taking them

Like it's crack

I wander about in my brain

Pacing pack and forth in my head

Only my source of money

I have gained

Taking pills to this day

I am not cured

Still my new doctors say I am


They don't know my amnesia

I can't explain it even to myself

I just know it's still real

I can't express it to anyone

That I know or don't

You all think I don't know what

__I'm talking about

But I know something is not right

In my mind

It's like I have never

Really came back to life

I can never be even believed in

That I have went thru a death

__at all

Laughs in my face

Chuckles at my dismay

It's not even something

That I can be healed of, spiritually

I've been to chirch after church

__after church

Still no recovery

I've dropped a vile of liquid fry

Only made me feel like

__having it back was not thee answer

Well, it IS

__thee answer


Littles clues in my conscious

__I pick up

I don't regester it

Maybe I know thee answer why

But no way to saulve thee actual


A conclusion to this event

I am done prayig for

A resolution in my life

Does not abrocadabrally

Majicly resaulve this issue

I can't see anything the same

It's like my own self

Refuses to

But why can't I comply

To having the same mind?

Is this what growing up is?

Losing your own dreams?

Those were more than just dreams

To me

That was my future

My ev'rything

Even the pressant tence

A lot more than just past memories

It's like my whole identity was erased

And I was reincharnated

Without even going into

Another body

And my whole entire past life

Was erased completely

But nobody believes me

I'm just a patanoid

Cooked up hen

Layin' an egg

Without a vagina

To get it out of with

Well, you know what?

Fuck you bitches

I'm a keep my disability payments

You don't wanna cure me

__so I can really live life normal

____and fun again?

I'm taking money

Off of ev'ryone's check

And you're killing me for it

Or stopping it

Because you all think

I'm robbing you

'Cause you can't aford to chip in

"God, grant me the serenity

To accept the things

__I cannot change"?

Accept it?!

WHY accept it?!

What happened to

"With God, you can do anything"?

"Anything is possible with God"?


"There is no problem God can't fix"?


I get it

"We invented God

So God can't do it"


Is my problem really so big

That only God can help me?

Is help for me

Just plain THAT

__merical dependant?

Are you trying to tell me

__there's no hypnotist out there FOR me?

I don't get it

I won't get it

And so I will die

__a damaged victom

Of my own self

What the Hell


03-30-'11 #4

D. L. Cannon

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