Just Until The War Is Over

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taken from my book, "Suspended In Suspense"

Submitted: June 01, 2015

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Submitted: June 01, 2015



Just Until The War Is Over


The captain of this ship is me

I'll sleep tonight and slip into a dream

I've been living with nicotine dependence

I'll be vaporizing until I sleep instead

Of getting sick smoking myself to death

When the rain ever stops in the city you live

You'll see the sunshine once again

And when I wake up tomorrow for laundry day

I'll remember what I wore when I once sat and baked

My brain cells out of my head when I was a pot head

A wallet with 3 dollars is all I have saved

Couldn't save myself I'll just go to Hell

And when I burn I'll even hear Hell's bells

Ringing in my ears like an eternal echo

Lost in flames I'll burn and let go

And maybe get a chance that it's just Purgatory

And see my cat and dad again in thee end

Maybe I can get some clarity until then

That "seas of glass break whenever walked upon

But the shattering does not last for too long"

And while I stain my brain with thoughts I can't think

I'll be hanging my head as soon as I can blink

Twinkling lights may spin around your mind

I just wish someday you could be mine

I hate myself for my unacceptable size

But I'll close my eyes and maybe sleep tonight

The river flows and leaves me dead like so

But if I can help it I'll just grow old

Maybe mark the spot where you and me can both go


05-31-'15 #1

D. L. Cannon

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