Left In The Dust

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Left In The Dust


When and ever

That I hang my head

__and cluck like a chicken


______for up above

________to hear me

__________and bless me with fucks

I will be so happy

And ready to hump

As I fall down crying

__over rejection

____after every proposal

I just may die

But knowing my karma

__I may even not

So when you see me flourish

__over the nutrients

____needed to survive

Only laughing like a hyena

__will ever do any good

____to a cracked up loon

______such as myself

When the world of hookers

__shut their doors

____an their legs on me

______I will be without peace

________in my heart

__________and horny as all Hell

Just wishing I could pull my pants down

__a fuck the blood raining sky

If I never go anywhere

__but to group


______and to the store

How am I ever going to fuck a whore?

I'm not

That's just how my life is going to be

I will not accept this bullshit

__that an unwilling God

____is unable to let me do without

So I will squeak like a mouse

__and eat the cheese slices

____that are left over

______every week

Be bleak

__and meek

____and walk the streets

______with a cloud of love

________clouding my mind

Causing me to lose it

Going bonkers will even prove it

And as I hang here


____over a cliff

______just smiling

________at my pain

I will know nothing of any moral

__of any story

Just as unwell-off

__as a punk skunk

____rockin' an' rollin'

______from day in

________to day out

And if I ever hang out

__with a crowd of misunderstood crooks

I will know nothing of the sort

__of any unruly


______and quite Frankly

________unevenly steaming

__________crack rock smoke

____________filling thee air

I will jump off over thee edge

__and land in the fields of loss

____while my thoughts just pile up

______and up

________and up

Laughing madly at my own pain

__as I suffer

____having to hear my own chuckles

______and looking dead

________to the world around me

__________who just seem to

____________stop and stare

______________like they don't care

But just love to have

__some one to point at

____to bring attention to other people

______to look at

________and laugh

But I'll just be myself

__and be the laughing stock of town

'Cause that's how I get down

Even thee other mice

__who fling to me in their discomfort

____know exactly what it's like

______to be crammed into a box

________and sent overseas

__________to be ravished over

____________and quickly broken

______________and thrown away

If I never know the story of me

__being knocked over

____and dragged out and beaten

______and eaten alive

I'll still know where the world

__oughtta not be found

Just ran over a lot

And sold

__and bought

How ever uptight I can get

__while pissed off at the weather

____for being too sunny

______and too hot

Just like a gunshot

__I pierce hearts

____and kill a lot

But whatever goodbyes

__I send to my wives

I only hope they die

For letting me out alive

And tearing me out of their lives

One by one

And as they finish up

__on choking on their separating

____from whatever part of me

______that they detached from

I will see thee anger

__only boil higher and higher

____like flaming a pot

______of spoiled tea

________awfully too hot

__________and ovr cooked

And like a crook

__I'll get what's coming to me

While the lucky get

__whatever they want

____their way

______and for the rest of their lives

________just for staying chosen

__________and approved of

____________by the judges

______________who don't give a fuck

________________for any one else

__________________so are merited

____________________for ev'rything

It'll never be funny

But whether I like it or not

The bus will fly off

__and crash in the stars

And all the little smirks

And all the little frowns

Will never turn the world

__right side around

____long enough to ever be of notice

If it never works out being stepped upon

At least people can see why

__I am being stepped upon

____and learn from my mistakes

______if it is possible

But why do I wanna be an example

__of wrongdoing?



D. L. Cannon

Submitted: March 07, 2016

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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