Life Is Ifyful Now

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taken from my book, "Into The Direction Of Where"

Submitted: April 14, 2015

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Submitted: April 14, 2015



Life Is Ifyful Now


I want a lot of things I don't got

I have a your friendship

__and that's a start

There are a lot of dead fish

__in the sea

But you are a live one

__and talking to me

We are the craziest bunch

__of a crowd

You and all of me

But I am glad to be mad

And insane with all

__of the glee that I would

____ever need

There is an honest truth

__when I speak to you

I hear your "experience


____and hope"

Shining a light

__away from using dope

I'm not struggling

__like I was before

Even if my heart

__time and time before

____was robbed like a store

Your constant communication

__with me is golden

And I don't gotta be a '9ers' fan

__to love that gold

In fact

__with you in my life

I would not mind

__if The Raiders moved

____to Texas

Because you're there

But I'd love for you

__to be more near

To share a life with you

__would suit me just fine

But whether you're here

__or on the line

I am still happy

Because what we have

__just feels so right

As my mad minds

__glow with a fever

I become more of a team

With you and me still talking

I know no other girl

__who can get me out of myself

____like you do

So I am going to

__stick this out

____until the very end

______of what we can be

The noises in the world

The music that I hear

Can drown all the sounds

As the joy you bring me

Gets me higher than high

I'm not bothered by

__thee existence of time

I'm not asking for you

__to be mine

I'll be content with how

__you fit right with me now

Like a brand new tall tee

Snug fit

And with a satisfying length

How far we've come

__in such a short time

Is stretching out my existence

I finally know another

__erotic writer


Who can be honest to me

Who has been keeping

__me so much company

In this dyer need of mine

To be able to laugh with

__some one who gets it

Who gets me

__and understands

So much better

Than just another man

__for a friend

And so much easier

__than another romance

I could come to conclusion

__after conclusion

Future trippin'

__and future trippin'

But with you

__I don't have to trip

The world has been

__a heard place

____for you and me

But it doesn't have to be

__that hard any more



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2017 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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