Never Gonna Know Exactly What Went Wrong

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taken from my book, "Sharp Edges Of Destiny"

Never Gonna Know Exactly What Went Wrong


In some time of day

Where the needle hits the record

I pull a stamp off the shelf

__and then I melt away

No progression

__is getting me weak

How can not meaning anything

Be the worth of me?

I gets no business done

Livin' on the run

Gotta set my world on fire

And just take off

Hell is glistering to be taken

Eaten like a sandwich

Had I known myself "at all"

I'd be heading for the mall

But I couldn't ever care

To grab these thoughts

And shake them out

Isn't as boring as spinning webs

__while swallowing the Mace caused

____tear drops

That roll down my cheeks

Could "you know" better than to sit back

__eating ham and eggs?

Be grateful your head hasn't been chopped off

Diced up

And sliced away

May you grab nothing

__to take out of your way

And never get to the point

Of letting it all go

The hammer refuses

__to drive the nail into the wood

But the pecker wood

__would rather stand on top of me

And step on my shame

Would it matter if I got a taste

__of whatever pussy they throw away?

They'd still walk away

__a witness to the size of my thang

And laugh away

__all the way home

To spread the word

__to never spread them wide for meh

But I don't care

I could wipe my own smile off

__of the table that the record

____spins back and forth on

But who cares if my grin

__shows my teeth

____to a crowd of puzzled people

______that never stare?

I have no hair to comb

But believing there is a problem

Makes me brush my head

I ate the gush out of another

__and another

____and another

______and another

________and another

__________and another

Now I got 8 bitches

Sayin' I got a small penis

I only fucked 5 of them

And I think one of them I never ate

I can no longer cum in a hole

With all the jokes on m little pole

Saddest part is

I'm already old

It won't mature anymore

It cannot mature no more

I guess this life is full of punishment

I'll never be saved

From the "numbers and figures"

That prove they're aren't

__enough women to go around

Not enough for me to be chosen

Not enough when I'm dead

I can no longer scratch that itch

It won't go away

Just tell me what to do

With the final egg I lay

I won't do it

But at least I was told


07-25-'11 #1

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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