Not Even In The Market For Love

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taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



Not Even In The Market For Love


Take my mind off the record

For these are feelings

__not my thoughts

If you ask me

__I don't want to

____place my words so carelessly

For this heart of mine

__won't let me

Just say anything it doesn't need

When my life's

Full of others

Who great me into their world

In an unbelievable way


But still

When they do

It brings me chills down my spine

Takes me for a ripe ride

Down into a hole

Where ecstasy becomes my answer

That I've been searching for

The day I get some again

From anybody

Would lift up my spirits

But, if only I would find

__that ever happening now

Then it wouldn't be

Just a dream

If I never wake up

Work would be incomplete

So I carry on with my owned damned

Fucked up being of me

The number to my woman

I have not got yet

For if I've no woman

Then a number to her

__I can't call

I feel thee energy wreck me

I have to smoke to my death

And break down everynight

Until I take my pills

But isn't this the bullshit

That you call a piece of cake?

It's easy for you to achieve

But I'm nothing like all of you

I know you won't help me though

So saying I "have a chance"

Is just as a lie as "rice

__is not white"

But I'm not doin' it myself

I know I'm no mack

I can just forget about hope

Just as easily as when I forgot

__all about

The dope I used to smoke

If banishing away is what you want

Then why are you all still

Complaining about me

__when I'm this far gone already?

A penny for each irk that you all

Add up to each day

Building up this pain in my insides

With every look away

And acting that you do

When you pretend you can't hear me

Like I'm not even here

Like you don't even see me

Because you will never care to

I can only want you all to die

Now that your multiple rejections

Only kill the mood

Whenever I see any of you

This will just never end

Why should I change?

You won't change for me


01-14-'12 #6

D. L. Cannon

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