Not Gonna Need Me, Are You?

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Submitted: September 05, 2011

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Submitted: September 05, 2011



Not Gonna Need Me, Are You?


You keep me waiting

With all the Fridays

__you don't show up for work

I'm aching, Lizzy

What happened to my opportunity

__to look at your left finger

____and finally

See a ring or not?

I was obviously waiting

And when I showed up

__Oh, Lizzy

Did I show up too late?

In this here agony

I find myself intuned

__and trapped by my own words

I work for leisure

You work for money

__while I just get

I'm at the point in my life

Where my prime is saying goodbye

For my love-life is gone

And I'm out on a limb

Clinging onto you

But soon to fall


Fall in love with you

Or just fall!

Fall down when I find out

For myself!

That you are most definitely married

And I have to let go now

It's not what I want to see

If you are

Would you at least take it off

Your fingers just for me?

Oh, this is silly

I can't be the one for you


You may as well just wear it

Go ahead continue

Go on your way, forget me

Forget thee other me

And thee other

And thee other

But don't forget that Wednesday

Is 3 days away

Don't forget it is rock and roll music

That unites my head to my heart

The scars in me

Are dreams you can't see

Since the dreams are forgotten

They can be nothing left but gone

But let me take you out some time

I am a fun lover

And this is a fun town we live in

Oh, I

Lizzy, I!

Just wanna get

Get the chance

The chance to get to know you better

Even if just a little bit better


09-04-'11 #1

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2017 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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