On My Journey With Dr. Me

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Submitted: September 14, 2011

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Submitted: September 14, 2011



On My Journey With Dr. Me


I'm having fun in therapy now

It's not just a bunch of toilet humor

__to make me laugh anymore


Did you see how much Rock changed

__my life?!

Lot's have been going on from 2004 to 2006


We've uncovered history

It's been such fun posting

It's so much easier when your

__written work becomes your


My whole life I've wanted to be hypnotized


It's kind of like going in a backwards


Instead of getting further and further

__into the past

We're getting closer and closer

To 2008

The world is a spilling grape

Haunted and howled

Like spoiled spaghetti

Hammers of chizzle sawed meanings

Grope the behaviorism of sandy beaches

An ever so changing salmon

Broke the glass that shattered

__the meaning into hinted piles of rubble

Bending thee astroturfer

I get a lot of commenters

And even fans of my past

It's weird

Being famous for my realities


In 'Reprise even

Ratings have plummited

I bet my original ratings

Must of just been

That stalker


Or how else would I still be getting

More and more comments than


A headline hit the wall today

"Still This Way"

I was top of the feature's list

I get tense when I see

__a bunch of zeros

Still, my dos and don'ts

Choke me 'til I'm the most high

Dangling like the stratospheres

Onto warped piers

And tears

Shambles off the premises

Of all that could be talked about

I straddle on a bumpy roller coaster

Of loss in a nutshell

Broken pieces if togetherness

Brushes of the law undone

And yet so fresh

I could tap the 'frigerator magnets

And ask thee aliens

If words can speak

But where would that get me?

I see the donkey ride over to me

I slap his silly little face off

And I laugh with powdered


Amazed at the roars

__of thunder


__like a pow wow left in the dark

Has it been too much to let go of?

Heaven can only know why

Why why why

It has been such a nice time

And a moment of shared grievance

Where all could be offending

Sparks the joy of haunting mayhem

In a golden cracker

Rocks on leaves

Rocks on leaves

I just wanna get beyond hello

But "you know" me

I'm out here on a limb

Where thee only woman I attract

Is far far and away

Damn, she's so fine



D. L. Cannon

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