Overboard Tripping

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Overboard Tripping



The sound of "no you"

But I could of never realize the distance

Should of known better than to write about

Whatever I've been sayin'

Tried not to share it

But empty is my heart now

Why do I still fee it?

I've got no right

To love you

I've got no right

To love you

I've got no right

__and so I die


______in sarrow


I don't have a right

To own you

I don't wanna try

To control you

I've got no right

T0 have you

I've got no right

To keep you

Away from livin'

__your own

____busy life

______without meh


Yeah, sometimes it's hard

Just to let go

You text me in the middle

Of writin' this now

Things are fine now

But how honest are you?

And who is this dude?

Well, my head is sick

I don't own a mind of my own yet

I just think with my heart instead

The more that I feel

The crazier becomes me

And, Oh

Oh, such a quadruple personality

Only 4 feelings to feel, I guess

Paranoid, silly, emotional and Inadequate

But all the ways to ignore

__how I'm doin'

Just add up 'til I explode

__listening to tunes

I've got a heart

Or don't I?

I've got a heart

Or don't I?

I guess my guesses

__are just guesses

____while guessin'

______what I'm guessin'


09-30-'11 #4

D. L Cannon

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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