Please Know I Still Love You

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taken from my book, "The Way The Bouncing Ball Bounces"

Submitted: October 07, 2009

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Submitted: October 07, 2009



Please Know I Still Love You


I'm all fogged

In my head

Something must be done

Yes, we both know it

We belong as one

I am yours, eturnally

'Cause I know I will never not be

Want to se you well

Want not to see you down

Not to see you locked in a ward

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

If I drove you insane

I'm easily attatched

__I know

But you're some one to me

That God has shown me, herself

__that I


No matter what happens

You will still be my some one

No matter what happens

You will remain in my heart

On my mind

In my thoughts

Capturing my soul

As if you are

__my soul

I pray andI pray

Begging they don't keep you forever

Like they've tried to keep me

Like they try to keep ev'rybody

__that dares to put themselves in there

I know you are strong

I know you can get out

And that I am just trippin'

As always

I still see you in my futuer

I still see myself in your future

I see a lot of things

Not hallucinations

Not tarrot cards

I see you doing better

I see you in controll

I see eachother taking the roll

As thee ones in eachothers' lives

"You know" I am yours, right?

Please, be alright

Please, please, be alright

Only you can make me O.K.

Only you goes thru muy brain, all day

From the moment I dream

To the moment I wake

Then to the moment I stay up

Even longer than usual

My love for you is 400%

All of me are thinking of you

And we all hope the best for you

Get well soon


10-07-'09 #1

D. L. Cannon

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