Prepared For Nothing, In Advance

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taken from my book, "Sharp Edges Of Destiny"

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



Prepared For Nothing, In Advance


Think I'm just locked up

__with my ideas

When I wanna throw them all away

But as the light gets stronger

It doesn't get brighter

__but it's moving closer to meh

I could knock my block off

When I see a mirror

'Cause I just hate lookin' at me

But I got a razer

And I gotta carve this


____stead of growin' hair

______on the days that I can't shave

Tired of labels

I should of gathered all my meat

__in a sandwich

But where would I of got the money?

Now I'm hittin' the highway

Sticking my thumb out

Landing in a platoon of Hennessy

Drinkin' like a madman

But I'm really an undiscovered

__Mr. Potato Head

Walkin' on a kitchen table

All out of platform

The mask of my altitude

Picked a good cookie

Then swam with thee other dead elephants

They were all stepped on

And undiscovered like biscuits

__that already made you fall

____by just looking at them

'Cause eating gets so hard

Commuting with just a towel

Sometimes, to get thee appetite

__on the way to Jack In The box

Isn't as easy as fucking Prosty

__the leper headed bitch

Just let the jelly trap you

__to your seat like butter

Next time you wanna grin

__they say

"A big pink pill

Can give you a thrill

But without your water

You're gonna get ill"

Yeah, I laughed when the same guy

__that said that to me

Passed out from dehydration

'Cause he took 10 candy flippers

And didn't refill his bottle

Soundless emotion gets me none

How can I remember to feed

__my only honesties

____as I am seeing the sharks

Grabbing thee eyes off the dead

__with their teeth?

I couldn't look any poorer

As I do today

Eatin' 2 meals a day

No wonder I resemble a monkey

But I must be cross bread

__with a cat

If I got a tail as short as one

And if that doesn't remind me

That this is where my eyes are

__supposed to be looking at

Then how can anybody just

Not know what part of

__the hooker's body

Not to look at

Just because her pimps

Got gaks behind your back?

Could of said this is over

This sex life

Now I will


07-20-'11 #3

D. L. Cannon

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