Screaming Madness

Poem by: DLCannon


Submitted: July 23, 2014

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Submitted: July 23, 2014



Screaming Madness


In thee unending parking lot of time

Bells ring like it's thee end of my life

And on totem poles where ants crawl up

__to see a view on top

They suffer with their fear of heights

Some of them beg and plead

__to a God for mercy

As they get scared shitless

__that they would die before they ever

____make it on top


In a land where monkeys rule supreme

The slaying of heads roll all over the place

Just death and the decaying of life

__going down like rain from the sky

Thee innocent peoples' lives just end

And none of them ever get to live again

__once they are beheaded

As the Katz murder and slice

__to feast on whatever chimp

____that they would like


It's not an alteration of fabrications

It's just so easy to punish ourselves

But when wee see the green light

__almost ev'ry one is going to die

There is nothing more I want done

Than the hearing of the record play

__stuck on repeat in ev'ry ones' ears

Torturing as much as I can

__until you just can't stand it

____and are in such such pain


There are no connections between

Me and a slice of cheese

But when I slip on a banana peal

__and land in the mud

Where will I get my relief?

All the noise I left the world to hear

__comes chasing after me

And it is all too real

__so I hang my head my own self

____and lacking life I go to Hell


Thrown into a dismay of brutality

I've been out of sleep for the most of it

Being kept alive to cry and hiss

__at the creatures around me

They don't give a shit about what they did

They crave for my flesh

__so should I cut off my arm?

Maybe just throw a bone and run?

__or is that just thinking

____way too into things?


Into cut off sheddings of light

The halls of horrifying agony

Shatter thee insides of souls that hear

__them freak out again and again

Until the goose bumps drives them to suicide

And less employees are left to contain them

__as they are always in need of some help

They want a way out

__but their not gonna get it

____because they're not free


When realization bubbles like a noisy cracker

The sound of food being eaten over and over again

__just breaks me inside

Why do I thrive for a silence

That threatens the life out of the living

__part of me that I carry?

Chips will sound crazy-like in the night

__during any kind of show playing

____on any kind of screen



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2017 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

Screaming Madness Screaming Madness

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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