taken from my book, "If At All Possible"

Somewhere Down The Road


When I climb the fortress walls

And escape this solitary confinement

The laws of loneliness will not apply to me

And when I step on the road

That I am supposed to be traveling on

I won't be alone any longer like before

My blackened heart will shine

I won't be my own disease

When I sit in a seat of laughter

"All will be" funny

And "don't you know" it?

The balance between thee angles

And the demons, will begin

And as thankful as ever

The cheese will burn on the frying pan

Like laws of attraction

With all that I know

I could gather what could be found

By any one else

If my heartfelt experience

Can change more than me

Then even merrier

Life will be


03-27-'14 #3

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: April 01, 2014

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