still the poppies weep.

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the folly and futility of war.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



Still the poppies weep.


We have learnt nothing at all,

Since the war to end all war,

Alas still the poppies weep,

As we carry on as before.

The list of names ever grows,

Fallen in foreign fields of mud,

The silence of death ever present,

The earth taking their blood.

This senseless cull of life,

The winner kills the most,

As the battlefield smoke clears,

Left only are the ghosts.

When will man see sense,

That War is the enemy he made,

alas the poppies still weep,

The souls of the dead still on parade.

Once a year we remember them,

But still we carry on sending the young to fight,

The only thing that we achieve is sorrow,

Mothers to grieve at night.

The bravery and courage of many,

But How do our better’s sleep,

And as they create the wars we fight,

  alas the poppies will still weep.


(we will remember them)




















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