Swerve Into Deylight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



Swerve Into Delight


When I was just a beast

I went searching for the meat

I could count all my goodbyes adding up

Only ending up with no love

As I sharpened the stones

__that were thrown at me

Only Hell on Earth can walk on me

But even the cracks on my scull wouldn't mind

For, they don't surround just a brain

__these days

'Cause I fall down in a pool

And curse at the roots

Of an awkward mind

Rooted in my heart

As it refuses to beat in my chest

I could wake up feeling empty

And have all life forms walking away

All walking forms of life

__just laughing at my pain

And in my claim to be brave

I will watch the glass break

As the windows get smashed

And thee end comes coming my way

Let this broken piece of thought

Lose it's way, leaving my mind

And all the while

An originality will burn in the flames

Of my dead muscle which used to pump blood

Never will I know why

It won't be time to die


02-23-'12 #2

D. L. Cannon

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