The Complications Of My Tomorrows

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taken from my book, "How Long Can They Last?"

The Complications Of My Tomorrows


I'd love to fulfill my wishes

Won't stop now

__I'll do the dishes

The clock will laugh

__in my face

Stop to dream

Stop to taste

Run away

__and I will chase

I'm bound to catch up

I want enough

Tie me down

__I'll tie you up

I'm still


Shutting my mouth up

__as the tape reels by

Walking slow

And out of my mind

Out to find who

Is gonna be mine

I'll dig a hole

And make a grave

Chop up this vessel

And throw me away

Garbage is logical

Garbage is sane

Garbage will wind up

Comin' out my mouth


And I will win you

I will be brave

I'll stand up and piss

And fill up my grave

Where they plan to burry me

Before they find out I can't die

Anchore me ashore

I'm trapped in the stores

Sailing around, shopping

I still want more

So niddy griddy

And all I need

Is all I'll buy

I'll spend everything

But not to worry

I will not sing flat

The sharks aren't after me now

My money is mine now

Off to the market

This little piggy went

And as I oinked

__I was happy

____to know she has left

After I cried and cried

And just couldn't cry anymore

And without a guilt

__I stand

Without her to stand behind me

'Cause I'm not a great man

Yet, I fall not

Though there's not a woman in the world

Worthless enough to stand behind me

I guess I won't win you

Know what I mean?

God's not being meen

He's just being fair

Look at me, I'm broken

And I said I didn't care

My heart will go nowhere in this world

Why not put it all down

So it'll at least be visited?

From time to time

I will beg for a wife

After each time

That I forget why

That I just happened to be

This guy

Withoutout even understanding why

After having to remind myself




D. L. Cannon

Submitted: November 29, 2010

© Copyright 2022 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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