The Difference Between A Psycho And A Psychic

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taken from my book, "Sharp Edges Of Destiny"

Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



The Difference Between A Psycho And A Psychic


A psychic will tell a psycho

That he is full of shit

And will die alone

And never amount to nothing

Because he won't get a job

Won't marry

And if I'm not mistaken

Will stay at his parents

A psychic is full of shit

Because she was wrong about

__at least the last thing

A psychic is a murderer

Who kills the psycho's best friend

And gets away with it

And is planning to kill

The psycho

A psychic will never stop ending

Any relationship the psycho makes

And get him fired from every job

And at every point

That he buys a bag of Doritos

She will cause his bank account

To go negative

Making him do his balance wrong

Shit like that

A psychic will never tell you

The truth

Will steal your money

Bounce your check

And take away your dreams

Force you to do

Anything she says you will do

Just to make her right

A psychic to me

Is already a psychotic bitch

Who is a faggot

Because she acts like a dick

A psychic has killed my best friend

Pulled the plug on my father

And just plain let a woman die

And didn't stop it

A psychic has sabotaged my love-life

And turned me into a starving artist

Putting shit in my head

24-7 until I exploded into my career

Forcing my words

__to go from

On a paper

To on a screen

Not sellable

and leaves me to believe

That every one else would agree

__with her

And say I don't deserve my money

But a psychic knows I cannot do

A damned thing about it

And laughs in my face

Forces me to feel guilty

And full of rage

That psychic is why I feel psycho

Because she says that I ain't


06-13-'11 #2

D. L. Cannon

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