The Monster Of Luck

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taken from my book, "As The Marker Snaps"

Submitted: August 10, 2014

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Submitted: August 10, 2014



The Monster Of Luck


I saw the face of my luck torture me

And in it's eyes I lost my own identity

When the world spun out of control

I found myself lost in a storm inside

Wanting to crawl out of my enclosed space

What resonates with me

Is that this monster of my luck

Is just trying to destroy me

I think about the people of the work force

Who spend their life making money

And not in hobbies and fun

Who only live for what they do

Because it is al they know of life

And I become grateful

__to know that's not me

But at the same time it's a curse

'Cause I know nothing about jobs

I know that if I take my pills

I can stay the way I am

__and feel fine

But I get swallowed by being unemployed

Knowing I'm just like every one else

__on my medication

But have no employability

Then I hear stories of people like me

Who work for a living

And still keep their disability check

__and take their medz

Then I start to try

And as years go by

I did not succeed

I drowned myself in artwork

__and publicity

Created goals that take up my time

Then I heard of the choice

__of part time work

But that's all it was

A "choice"

And as my head swims

At the near thought of change

All I get is fears and doubts

And they are all real

Being a "proper" productive

__member of society is possible

But very difficult to achieve

It eats me up inside

To make that goal in my life

But I've tried thee other way

And ended up with

My heart broken 85 times

Knowing no way to be of service

To serve a purpose

Has been a struggle

Being so unlovable

And all the while

__just hungry to be

Somebody else's character in a book

But the dream cannot happen

As my luck runs me over

__again and again

And time laughs in my face

For still staying the same

I've only become eager for change

And hoping and waiting

Never paid off

I've been teased and used

Rejected and abused

Hated on and resented for

__taking thee easy way out

____my whole life

Forced to have pride

__that I have made the world jealous

That I am being unfair

__with my capabilities

Put on a guilt trip by ev'ry one

And shown no love

My luck is my enemy now

'Cause I can't be respected as I am

I have no right to not work

I will only hate myself

__if I never hold down a job


08-10-'14 #3

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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