The Structure Of My Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

taken from my book, "How Long Can They Last?"

The Structure Of My Future


Lock up my head for days

And stop to be my slave

Uplift me anywhere

And sell me all the ways to the same place

Over and over again, I fall on my knees

Stay put, I'll fix ev'rything

But it's not time to try

I'll end up sniffling with a cold

For being way too bold

Warm up by a fire hydrant

'Cause some times I can get dyslectic with it

But as I drain my brain

From all the cable car noises

The sentences that just could not be made

I never highered a maid

Just to get laid

But if she wants to

Then it's not my problem

So what's it to you?

My hair is green

When the light shines on my head

After shaving 'til every strand

Is less than a stub

Yeah, no tree trunks

I'll join thee air

For breathing sessions

When I pass on

And leave my work up on the world wide web

And if I can get on thee internet in Heaven

Just to see my ratings from there

Thee after-life wouldn't be that bad

Just kickin' back with the whole fam'

Breakin' down won't get me there

So I have got to play it fair

I have seen and heard the stories

About the souls that have gone nowhere

Speak about it never

Just because I know it won't be us

That branch apart and be a family

__that just splits up

When at each memers'departure

I don't wanna collect more dust on Earth

Eventually I will write my last rhyme

By then I wanna write all cleanly and stuff

I'm tryin' to take the next step

__onto reachng that goal

I'm way too old to still delay

These are still my writing days

Now thatI know

Thee end of the world

Is always a possiblity

As unreal as it sounds

I'm crazy enough to not take any chances

And wasting anymore time

I want things to be better

I won't settle for good enough

Improvement should have no limits

I'm not callin' it quits like this

Something has got to give

Anger has to split

Beyond just times of writing

And into leaving me alone all hours of the day

All my rage needs to go away

Including in all sides of whoI am

Uptightness must let go of me

So I can saver what's left of my time

Even though I'll never want to die

It's bound to happen, right?

Some say sooner than I think

Others say I'll be raptured before

__it's on the screan of my P.C.

That's the most unrealistic story

And most fucked up way of covering up

The fact that they know a meteor

__is coming

To turn us all into nothing

Would also like for that to just

Turn out to be a lie

So I can go and finish typing

Just livin' for my lifey

Before I end up with a wifey

As if that last line is possible

I already lost that chancey

Couldn't quit smoking

No woman left

That I can leave with the responsibility

Of what I have to do myself



11-28-'10 #3

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: November 29, 2010

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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Inside your head must be a wondrous place. Beautifully abstract! :)

Mon, November 29th, 2010 6:19pm


Awe....that reeally lifted my spirits tonight! How sweet. My own head....a wonderouse place!

Mon, November 29th, 2010 2:31pm

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