There's A Cure For Infenite Heartburn?! =O

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taken from my book, "This Never Happened Before"

Submitted: February 19, 2014

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Submitted: February 19, 2014



There's A Cure For Infinite Heartburn?! =O


The next pill I am going to swallow

Is going to be very hard

It's purple with yellow stripes

I guess you know which one I'm speaking of

Even though my love said

__that she tried it

____and it is dumb

She also tried Zyprexia and got diabetes

But I'm on it

And I don't have it

__even though

____my aunt died of diabetes

______and my half sister has it

I take the Zydis form

__and didn't get it

Nexium better save my life

For, this cartwheel of pain in my chest

Spins out of control

__up into space

And I can no longer stand

My health going to waste

If my desires to be well

Are matched with God's plan

I am going to be

A happy man

And I will stand on mountains high

To pee on the valleys bellow

And "low and behold"

I'll be "re'd to go"


02-19-'14 #1

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2017 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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