Thinkin' About Giving Up

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taken from my book, "Stuck on thee 'If Only's"

Submitted: September 17, 2009

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Submitted: September 17, 2009



Thinkin' About Giving Up


I'm not sittin' here

I'm not sittin' here

I don't know whyI try

__to go

But I can't sit still

Maybe I'm too weak to get up

But isn't that what cars are for?

Well, "I want a car

I want a car"

I just wanna drive


Last time I checked

I didn't have a working one

But it's pointless to fire my guns

Up into the sky

Demanding that my bullets

Come back down as car parts

So I will suffer being in debt

Maybe I'll quit smoking my money

Maybe I won't

But I couldn't give a care for life

Without gettin' high

Shalleth my heart brake in withrawal?

Will I be drownin' in a dryness

So undinialbly ineditable

__that I could not go on living?

I beg to be able to

__lock me up in my room

____with publishing to do

Even if the rest of my

__quater ounce shows up

____in my hands

I'll never know what's up with my brain

__if I don't stop to pull the

____pipe out ofmy mouth

______and take a break

I'm not so satisfied with life

My money always leaves my life

Me and weed need to seriously


Say goodbye

I miss eating

I miss shopping

I miss driving

I miss money

I miss more than I catch

Marijuana is a trap


09-08-'09 #2

D. L. Cannon

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