Tired Of The World

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



Tired Of the World


I'm not afraid to ba called a "cracker"

I'm just afraid to eat them

I'm not too slow to talk back

I'm just too slow to listen

I'm not too ugly to look at

I'm just too ugly to matter

It's not just about lookin' decent

It's about feelin' justified

I'd rather spit on my own damned grave

Than look myself in thee eye

But I'm not here to better myself

Because that would be selfish

Just let me rot

Just as long as I get paid

This marble that spins in outer space

What makes us think this is any dif'rent

__of a place?

The world's a part of the universe

Even if we have to look beyond our world

__to see it that way

Why should Earth be the final frontier?

Why sit at a bar and drink their beer?

Why find a spot on the grass

__to smoke our dank

____just to binge eat

______and get fat?

I've got better plans

Ones I came up with on an L.S.D. trip

To escape this God forsaken life

__on this planet

But I can't do it alone

There's just no one with me

To complete these plans with me

I'm not askin' just to be taken

__to space camp

I'm askin' to be taken out of my misery

And fuck this world around me

And ev'ry one in it

'Cause they all don't give a shit for me

Enough to come and join my life

They'd rather tell me "goodbye"

Well, fuck their stupid asses

They shouldn't look at me

__like I'm the one

____who made my life miserable

Because they did this to me

Fuckers, they are

And, fuckers, by far

I really hope there is a Hell

__that these motherfuckers are gonna burn in



D. L. Cannon

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