To My Tomorrow That Never Came

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taken from my book, "Running Thru Fields Of Escape"

To My Tomorrow That Never Came


Leave my brain where the demons die

Hear the sanity working in my mind

I ait a fruit, but my knowledge never did grew

Still I'm gonna die

Wake me up and put me in your life

Drown my thoughts with the feelings you give me

Sure am not gonna blink just yet, please

I know it's over

When you wonder from the rubble

__that our relationship took care of

'Til we broke

Now our love is just a joke

So now I croke

Dying like a manic sandwich

You blew my world away

Thrown to nowhere to be found

It's all up to you and God

You were the laughter I wanted

Now it is not funny

How could you be the best dame

__when the world is over?

We ended like a shadow

That was swallowed by the darkness

__when you let go into the night

It is not right

It is not right

It is so cruel, the way we live

So apert

So apart

So don't give me back your heart

I guess I heard enough of your crap

Always singing on the radio

Station to station straight to my brain

I guess I woke myself up

__too many times

To find me nobody

Next to me

Next to me

Next to me

And I can't begin to give my thanks



D. L. Cannon

Submitted: February 20, 2011

© Copyright 2022 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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