Tomorrow's "Not Happening" For You And Me

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taken from my book, "Never Felt So Single"

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008



Tomorrow's "Not Happening" For You And Me


What a terrible way

To spend my days

Stuck in a world

With rusted fame

Glamour leaves me

As I wrinkle on my face

"Help me out" I'm heated

"I don't feel like" saying "no" to vengeance

Oh, why "did it happen?"

My world just erupted

And spit me out like a fire

__from a valcano of this mountain of time

I'd screw anyone

__"just to" stay "a man"

But the woms in my head

And the ants in my guts

Sing songs to eachother

While I am burried and dead

No one feels like helping me

__stay alive

But I know who's loving you

Some one who's

Heart belonhgs to you

And who yours belongs to too

Well, if that's what it's got to be

You wait for him

And I'll wait for nobody

I know I can't see

But I don't have to use my eyes

Just a puff ball of cheese

Is all my belly needs

And not to eat eggs

From your "time of the month"


"I cant stand" the taste of of blood

So I'll write to type this up onto the


Maybe someday you will read

And look to me as something strange

As I look away from where you are

And stay in this game

Way over here

Computing the madness

Back into my life

Craziness lets go of you

So why can't I?


12-20-'08 #3

D. L. Cannon

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