Trippin' Over Her

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taken from my book, "Looking For My Shade Of Grey"

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



Trippin' Over Her


Wait 'til I grow a brain

And just think another way

When my heartache stains my soul

I will never not feel old

Oh my God, I've lost

__my dear mind!

But it can never be clear

What the Hell else is left to say

When words destroy sanity

Leaving me in a puddle of rain

Wept tears from above

I still haven't found any one

But I will tamper with my loss

Until I am glad she is gone

Who ever I am meant to love

No way to get who I want

No way to stop wanting her

She'll be the reason of my being hurt

'Til the wrong things written

Bite me in my face like a slap

Wind me down in a puddle of drool

She knew I loved her

But now she doesn't know I don't

She's still disgusted by the fact I did

And she's sick of all of me

Being myselves and livin' my lives

I went thru too much

Since I sat by her

Now my world is different if that was her

And since there's no reasonable doubt

Her bein' around has wrecked my mind

I want to change the subject

But I know I won't

She's my lost flame

She's a Hell of a dame

In the most literal way


05-28-'12 #2

D. L. Cannon

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