Unleash The Brain Waves

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taken from my book, "Position The Thought"

Submitted: August 17, 2014

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Submitted: August 17, 2014



Unleash The Brain Waves


A harvest for bats to feast on my flesh

As the mountain of time crumbles into the past

An honorable darkness sinks heavily into the doubt

The sharp cheddar of no whereabouts known to I

The constant complaining and bickering

Grunts with sharp edges and groaning in anger

"How can life be dismayed this way?!"

"What's wrong with time and space these days?!"

I eat my noggin's thoughts

And I unravel the cord that's wrapped around my neck

The words have shot thru my brain

In a very terrible way

The stores that hold my name

Above a sink to wash off the dirt beneath me

Are just the devilishly known common reactions

To dumping my designers on a plate of chow mein

"If I knew what I was doing

I don't now" says the cow

But like all the ways there are

To crack like an egg and suffer so blindly

We will all squeal in the rooms of slumber

Knowing how we all can wonder

Like thee enemies that taste their pardon

I choke on lemonade and drown in tears

"Where did this fear come from?"

"What kind of freedom is there, really

In losing sight of having my desires met?"

I've grown attached to the light bulb on my head

But I'm still in the dark


08-15-'14 #2

D. L. Cannon

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