"Very Clearly"

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taken from my book, "Thought Whereabouts"

Submitted: November 23, 2015

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Submitted: November 23, 2015



"Very Clearly"


The doping down of the little spot in my head

These things that go on upstairs

Only reminds me of what don't go on


But "if you were like" me

You wouldn't know the whole story

And probably wouldn't understand

__nor take to the liking

____anything that goes on

______nor doesn't go on

When the tide breaks

And the walls wash off to the sea

The looking glass tower

__falls underneath

And no one here knows

No, no one can comprehend the madness

__more than you and me

The growing closer

The laughter

And the tears

We know we're too far from each other

But we know we can't do

__without one another

Our lazy days

__strengthen our communication

And the grinding of my teeth

__echoes in thee ears of each other

The more my 'phone rings

__the better I feel

The more the sand sparkles

__the greater the chances

____for a padded walled room

______to be of service

________to a mad man like me

Yet, I know there are no pillows

__on my walls

The hope for a brighter

__wetter tomorrow

____lies with my brain in my hand

And as I look at it

__while I am holding it

____I can let go of all reason

Maybe even sing you to sleep

If only we could be together

__the less crazy we would have to be

And the stars would fall from the skies

Surrounding you and I

As I belch now

I lay my head down

And listen to the music

__that is the choice of us both

Punching my "fists to the post

But" knowing there is no ghost

__in reality

____that can squander the difference

______between pleasure and satisfaction

While I melt my eye sockets

The talking clock looks me in the face

And then the meaning of you in my life

__finally sinks into my heart

And never can I stop loving who you are


11-17-'15 #3

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.