"We Changed"

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taken from my book, "If Zero Isn't A Number, Then 'Who Am I?'"

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



"We Changed"


There is no Truth to find

Nothing is covered up

I'd rather slit my wrists

Than give a fuck

Throw all these feelings away

We're talking not enough

Now that I've done it now

Now that we have fell out

And pigs these days

Play picture games

Red light photos for scare

A camera if you dare

All engaged with rage

They want a brotha ta be

Thrown away and locked up

They just want us fucked up

I woke up from a dream

That you left jail with me

And before we hit the streets

The dream changed

Now what?

If ev'rytime I lose who I love

When in time will I learn

Not to get burned?

There is no honest truth

It's all covered in lies

I dreamt I kissed your lips

But woke up with us

As having said goodbye

Oh, still, it remains

Gone without saying

And I'm so pissed off

I am torn in pain

I can't have you now

The memories I have

Have slipped from my brain

I may as well

Be dropped in a well

And drowning in well water

I'm not your kids' father

And I will never love you

As much anymore

Hatred drinks my blood

And I bite back

"I'm a vampire" now, yo

Have me none you will

I've let go of your soul

And left to be a hater

The police passes by me

"But they can't so nothing

To a" player hater

Pointin' his heater

At his own dome

Just to pull the trigger

I'll never laugh at you

I still got respect for you

I deserved to be played

The way you done me

For I interpreted you wrong

As always

And these days drag along

Getting longer and long

I pick up my head

And empty my thoughts

Onto a blaze of anguish

Well, the trauma that I've caused

Dramatically changes

What is us


11-04-'11 #1

D. L. Cannon

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