What A Life We'll Live To See

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taken from my book, "Chasing The Paper Away"

Submitted: March 06, 2010

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Submitted: March 06, 2010



What A Life We'll Live To See


I try my best to give you my hand

I love you more than anything

So much more than doing my work

I want you more than words can say

I did not read thee whole entire dictionary

But I know I've used all the ones in there

And if by any chance I have not

I know I will


Oh, I try my best to stay a man

I love being that for you

So many melodies, come, and they go

But one things for sure, you'll stay

"It's been a long"


Waitin' for you

"It's been a" Saturday


We've got "a long"


Ahead of us

With so much travling


To do

And when we get to see those pearly gates



__what a life we've lived to see


I drink a bottled water

__'cause it taste like tobacco

I dream the dreams I am

__supposed to dream

I know there's no way to start again

But if there was

__I'd do the

____same old things

Just to see you still

__end up with me

Thoughts twitch like a butterfly

Waiting to hear from you

I get all excited when my 'phone rings

And happily you speak of

How you want our wedding to be

Suddenly I know you love me

And that changes ev'rything

When I was down

__and out of luck

You came to me

When all was lost

__you brought back what you could

And said that whatever that you

__could not retreive I don't need

But now that we're together


__what a life we've lived to see


"I'm not runnin'"

Away from you

We're still walkin'

Side by side

"I'm not" hammered

And you're not high

I don't have to be drunk

To be in love

You don't have to come down

And forget about us

There is something

Some kind of feeling

Ingraved in my heart

And I'm sure yours too

The motions we go thru

laughing propheticly

Sippin' on freedom

Freedom to feel this


Inside you and me

And when we finally start an famlly

__of our own

A whole new world will open up, "you know?"

And as we learn to teach and grow

All our days will be so perfectly


All of what's made of you and I

Our life lifnes

Finally combined

And stretching out


Down the line

As we breed


__what a life we'll live to see


So, I try my best to give you my all

Never in time will our love not be my call

That I am

Answering to

I did not read my whole entire future

But I know that the story of you and I

Staying together is in there

"You know" we will


03-06-'10 #4

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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