What's Wrong With Thee Idea?

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taken from my book, "Chasing The Paper Away"

Submitted: March 23, 2010

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Submitted: March 23, 2010



What's Wrong With Thee Idea?


What happens when flowers dance

__on the grave?

What happens when dogs

Run around too brave?

Did They all become Hell Katz

And tie them selves down

With damnation? So brave

Well, "I can" feel "it now"

That I'm down under the serface

Where you're holding me down

And I'm screaming under water

And asI bubble out phrazes

You can't hear me!

I'm drowning and I'm drowning

I am flying way up into

__sickness with a shout

____inside me now!

Is this God doing this to myself?

In the corner of my mixxed

__episode time of my life

I can curel up into a ball

Holding my knees

Quentched with arms!


As I wisper to all ofthe voices

That "it's O.K., it's O.K.

It's O.K.

It's O.K."

Like Rock once said she did

Heaven holds no place

For me anymore

I livein doubt

And I'm soaring thru denial



At a time!

Oh no

Hell, I could walk sideays

And jump out the water

Finally breathing

But, nah

I'd rather hold the book

__in my left hand

And my pen in my right

Finally, you show me

__a part of myself

I haven't seen since

So many realtatioships ago


I'm old

And the hunger I remember

I've lost

Since you've came to me




This must be seen

I can't fly forever

Soon pills will be inside me

And I will toss and turn

Dizzily unasleep

My back hurts!

My Liver hurts!

I guess I'm ready "for another one!"

Brown noising spies

Are my only friends now

I guess how ever you can look at these

Whether you're telling your friends

To go to my U.R.L. and read

Or you look these over yourself

And agree

That I'm not full of shit

__in this love!


Well, it's at crucial point

We're reacting

What's wrong with thee idea

That we need eachother

Either way?


03-23-'10 #9

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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