Where Is My Chicken?

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taken from my book, "Into The Direction Of Where"

Submitted: February 11, 2015

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Submitted: February 11, 2015



Where Is My Chicken?


To tell the story of why my chicken

__says "bucock"

____I would have to know

But I don't

So let me avoid such examination

She just clucks

Leave it at that

Let the grass grow

And be smoked by me and her

So we can get high as a kite

We'll float around in a daze

And get lost in a maze

Wondering how to get back home

But never wandering in the right direction

My thoughts arise

And what am I thinking?

I don't know that either

But I do know what happens

When the clock strikes 4

The news comes on

And stories of the real world

__show me what I'm always unaware of


The furthest place from me

__and Lil' Ms. Hen Hen

We always seem to be quite in shock

Of all that is going on

And if we miss it all

Life seems empty

Nothing on Tv.

__is like nothing in a our pipe


And so boring

But whatever we feel about life

Without anything to enhance it

Just about leaves us

__hanging out of balance

Swinging around

__from tree to tree

Blindly not looking at a thing

But just eating cheese

Watching the stars twinkle in peace

Left scarred across a midnight sky

And never knowing what is "life"

Thee hours of time wasted

Spent on losing all hope

Grabs and chokes

__and fondles my mind

I squash my imagination

__when I wake up

____in a strange woman's bed

Missing my chicken

Who waits for me

__where ever I left her

____to do who I gotta do

She tells me things like

"That was wonderful"


__"do you got another load in you?"

I try not to answer

__and put my clothes on

I answer

__"do you know where I left my hen?"

"You mean that chicken

__that you were pushing in a baby carr'age?"

She's not very to the point in conversation

So I shot the bitch

__and hopped back on her for another poundin'

When I was done again I washed off

Then I remember something about

__my chicken

I remember eating eggs

Vaguely have memories of cooking them

But don't remember where they came from

I know my chicken wasn't pregnant

Oh, that's right

This bitch has a kitchen

__that has a refrigerator

____and more

After I got dressed

__I marched thru the corridors

____heading for the dining room

I thought I might have

__fed my chicken some eggs

____knowing how high we were

But there she was



02-06-'15 #2

D. L. Cannon

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