Why Eating Sucks So Much

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taken from my book, "Madness Is In Thee Air"

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009



Why Eating Sucks So Much


"I don't give a fuck" for food

'Cause food don't give me the fat "I need"

"I don't care" to eat "at all"

But have to

When it hurts

I would rather be robotic

And live off of oil instead

But "we all know"

We can't

If I am a puppet, why do I have to eat?

It isn't nice

And it isn't

Oh God, you've curesed me

To eat and eat

But you gave me a high motaboilsm

What were you thinking when you made me?

Was I just ment to stuff my face

"All day" long?

__oh, I can't afford it

And I can't get that hungry for it

If that was the plan

Then why such the torchure?

I don't like sitting on the can

Why couldn't you make food

We wouldn't have to digest?

Urinating isn't that bad

But thee other way

Is messy

Did youy want us to chop down trees

__to wipe our ass?

And what's with all this gas we have?

It ain't quite a nice smell

How can we be pure?

Oh, how can we be pure?

Yeah, don't get me wrong

I love to beltch a lot

I love to burp, yeah

But when I have to cut the cheese

It's so embarrassing

And no one likes to barf

But I know that's just a punnishment

For getting drunk

But having to male us

Make some brownies

Or drop some kids off tot the pool

Is just a bad feeling

Why can't we just not have to eat?

Or, why can't we just not

__have to digest?

Your beautiful trees

Are dying to clean up the mess


01-27-'09 #1

D. L. Cannon

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