With All That Is Lost

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taken from my book, "Looking For My Shade Of Grey"

Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Submitted: May 12, 2012



With All That Is Lost


When all the lights will shine

I guess we'll all be dead

What if the spring falls down

__and crushes all our heads?

What if nothing good

__can ever

____come out' this?

Shut up and shop around

73 is not here yet

Maybe a rotting flower

__can flow from the mouths

____of my four faces

Sleeping 'til the sun shines on me

My multiplying head

Caught in the corner

__by a lost flame

____is this it?

Maybe in November


That's what we all say

But if I put a bullet

__in my own head

Would there still be 3 others

__walking around "the mend"?

I reach out of the slut life

Still I'm not achieving

Getting another woman in bed with me

My sex-life is over

Well, if my sex-life is over

Can I let the credits roll

And have the critics rate my senses?

If my senses are lost

If my senses are nonsense

Who? what? where? when?

A better way

__to gather all the regret

I have a feeling I lost my eyes

Gambling much too much inside

Inside of at least 1 mind

But I'm not saying this is it

Sewing what I can't ignore

Ploppin' out' my head for relief

I'll drink from the fountain of thought

Never look a little

__too sane, maybe

____I'll be crazy

It's already too many dangers

Whatever could of happened to me?

I'm gonna die without a love "at all"

I'm gonna spin around over

__and over again

Every time I am a particular me

I'm gonna seem so weird

__like always, when I'm another

And when my mother finally takes

__her last breath

What's gonna happen to my other

__other me in thee end?

I shift my eyes

Onto a heart attack

In a loss of haze

In a clouded grey fuzzy reality


Now that the psychedelics

Are all washed out of me

It cannot be clear


It is blank


No life

No times

Just a missingness

__of the picture

The wholeness of the big picture

__is gone!

I'll eat the rats


The rats are me


05-11-'12 #1

D. L. Cannon

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