You Won't Find Me Over You

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taken from my book, "Looking For My Shade Of Grey"

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



You Won't Find Me Over You


If I was too dumb to throw you away

I would be put in my grave today

If my nuts victory can complete my honesty

How many hamburgers can be eaten today?

I don't understand my own reasons

Why thee Earth has scattered it's reach

But I know only one thing

That you mean anything

That is O.K. to mean

Weigh me down as a ton of bricks

Led pipes still sting me

When my noggin is discarded

I'll be the pile of brain rubble

In thee end

Of nothingness

Don't be my pail filled with garbage

In my memory banks

Just lay there wasted

In my thoughts

If I am to get myself over you

You're only gonna see that happen

Without me even self-acknowledging

When mountains never reached

Become the peak of my experience

How can life be met?

I don't wanna throw away my heart

But you leave me no choice but to

A brain's misplaced abbreviations

Has all but lost the time

I don't wanna sit down on a shadow

So I will dust the plate

Of my "muddy waters"

And I'll eat 'til I'm again


Don't let garbage sting you

Because I know it won't

Just peal the lampshade of my offering

Over the sad potatoes

That is a dusted behavior

How rejected I became

How you'll always hold against me

My unforgivableness

That just is

Angry like a cartoon character

That lost his marbles

in a game of eat-the-salad

While growing up

To the tune

That was never listened to

Just a mangled leaf blower

That knows too many

Of my emotions

How into the day

Left the night to be sucked up

By the sun, as if dividing time stamps

By a new world, as if eaten by a black hole

Now I'll never

Know how I'll ever be seeing right

This past that I look at

Without seeing you

What good can a nation of pizza

Ever do to an emptied determination

When even knowing so

Can only swallow the bees

That swarm

Farther and farther

From their bee hive?

I don't wanna say "goodbye"

So I'll let equality

Leave a partaking option

To be out of question

I won't be a stranger

Like you chose to be

'Cause you did your research

And I never will

Forget being a stalker

It's not what I'm meant to be

I'm not that crazy

Anymore, at least



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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