You're Causing Me "A Problem Here"

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taken from my book, "Never Felt So Single"

Submitted: November 23, 2008

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Submitted: November 23, 2008



You're Causing Me A "Problem Here"


It wasn't my fault

For becoming someone mad

The times are evolving into a future so fast

That we forget living like yesterday

Maybe it's just time's fault

That I have lost my ways

I wake ev'ryday

Looking forward in ev'ryway

a paralysis of looking back

To reminisce "the good old days"

But when this cage of me

Dies and sets me free

How free can I become

When I'm damned for an eternity?

I tried elegantly such

To keep love in my life and stuff

But love always wanders away

There is no time

To bring me back to sanity

When I die alone

I'll be with nobody

god, sollitude is gonna suck

If there's a hamberger in the fridge

Don't let me eat it

'Cause I want it with cheese

And you don't have that

So, with that, I crack

The days and nights are getting

__so repeated

I'm in danger

I let the salad go away unnoticed

I feel like I am tortured here

__by my own words

I'll admit

I'm no frog

I don't hop

I don't even ribbit

I amy be sawrn to run away from

All of the things that make me

Throw away "a good thing"

Towers of game

Fall down in explossions all the time

And ev'rywhere there are players

Jumping off and and giving up on getting off

I am one of the many reasons

You turned gay and let go of me

But I'll dress you up

Like "The Velviteen Rabbit"

After you spill your guts

When you're blasted by my shot gun


11-19-'08 #5

D. L. Cannon

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