You're Lying

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taken from my book, "If At All Possible"

Submitted: June 08, 2014

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Submitted: June 08, 2014



You're Lying


I'm never giving in to tears

Because why should I be crying?

I'm just never gonna get it

I am never gonna get the loyalty

__that I deserve

Maybe I just don't deserve it?



Maybe even more

I will dive off of the topic

Never gettin' with it



__I'm a better man

But you're never gonna see that

Because you're just crazy

And I don't need to be going backwards

We should have never became an item

I'm facing my fears

__and living without you

____on the run

We just "don't make sense"

This whole love-life may stop with you

__but, whatever

I am too young

Because you got another dude

I have to be done being with you

I got too much respect for myself

__to deny just because you do

I won't put up with lying

I am not your fool

So fuck you


06-08-'14 #8

D. L. Cannon

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