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This is my first short story ever published on here. Rate, review, etc. Hoping to become a better writer. I don't know if I will continue this in another entry. (:

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Danny's POV

I skipped breakfast but I still don't see how the hell I made the bus. I pull out my phone after taking a seat by the window, 6:52 a.m.. Miracle. My stomach growls just then. Shit. I'll just eat at school. Too bad I don't have anyone to sit with. Well I suppose that's okay since I'll be eating instead of socializing.

After getting some cereal, toast, and a plastic container of apple juice, I walk into the cafeteria and see that not many people are there at all. Good. I sit at a table that is currently empty. I start eating my cereal and more people are filling up the cafeteria. It's about 7:15. Then I see him. I sigh. Ryan. The only person I wish I could connect with and I might as well be invisible. I don't understand why I can't connect with anyone to the extent where we hang out besides school. He has tons of friends. Why can't I be one of them? It's not he's stuck up or anything. He's quiet but still manages to have a lot of friends. I watch him sit with his friends at a table not too far from mine. I sigh again. I'm happy to have met someone like him though. Gym class. He's..unexplainable..not like anyone I've met. Intelligent, funny, aware. He has a nice personality. Last of all, he's gorgeous. He has beautiful long dark hair and pretty green eyes. Tall but not much more than me and he's pretty skinny. Tan skin. The first time I was around him, I actually thought he might be black. HAHA. The most distinguished of his features are probably his gauges. They stick out. I don't even talk to him that much and I seem to know quite a bit about him. Guess that says something. I won't even deny it. Yes, I'm attracted to him mentally and physically. That's all it will ever be though, attraction. Nothing more. Just a slight friendship. I sigh internally. I think to myself, Just finish your food and go to class.

I look up from my tray and he's standing there. My heart leaps. What?.. We stare at eachother not saying anything, a second goes past, another. He breaks the silence.

"Hey. Can I sit?" I wonder what he wants..

"Of course..." I smile at him. He sits down and resumes the conversation.

"I don't normally see you at breakfast."

"Yeah, woke up late. I didn't have time to eat at home. I would have missed my bus if I did." Where's he going with this?..

"Oh, I see. Makes sense."

I look at him curiously.

"..Maybe you should wake up late tomorrow, too." He smiles.

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